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Welcome to the netrekGL web page

This project will take significantly longer than originally planned. My (Mooshu) first few months at my new job were rather busy, but it appears that work will (hopefully) be more sane now. Another one of us is preparing for his Masters on his spare time, but is still interested. Hopefully developement will proceed.

I have started reading my OpenGL books, and plan to start contributing code within a month.

Upon further discussions, the one panel design is probably going to have to go. We just can't come up with a design for it. Again, suggestions are more than welcome.

Monday February 26th, 2001 EST - moo

The goal of this project is to revamp the BRMH client to use openGL. We want to redesign the interface, but keep the client functionally equivalent. Ideas include merging the main and galatic maps, and overlaying messages.

We want to make the client prettier and easier to use, but not introduce any tactical advantages. Any 'unfair' changes will (ideally) require the server to allow them.

We are still just hashing out ideas, and I (Mooshu) just started a new job, so it will be a few weeks before we get anything out, and quite possibly a few months before it compiles cleanly... Hopefully it will be worth the wait :)

Sun October 29th, 2000 EST - moo

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